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Ultra-rare Metro Exodus collector’s edition will be given away to nine lucky fans

Includes a leather-bound map and a handmade wristwatch

Metro Exodus, the third and final game in the cult classic series of Russian-themed first-person shooters, is getting an extraordinary Artyom Custom Edition. Only 10 of them are being produced, and fans will have a chance to win nine in the weeks leading up to the game’s Feb. 15 launch.

Just how rare is this Custom Edition? Not even the creator of the Metro universe, author Dmitry Glukovsky, is getting one.

The announcement was made today on YouTube, in a video featuring Glukovsky holed up inside a replica of the Russian subway system. Opening the crate, the author revealed an authentic gas mask with filters, just like the one that main character Artyom has depended on throughout the series. Also inside is a leather-bound map of the Exodus game world and a working bullet lighter.

Deep Silver

The jewel of this elite collector’s edition, however, is an artisan-crafted replica of Artyom’s “Nixie” wristwatch. The delicate device includes replica transistors to show the time on its open face, and what looks like a simple white LED attached to bare wires with masking tape.

The Nixie Watch, worn by Artyom in the Metro series. Part of the Metro Exodus Artyom Custom Edition. Deep Silver

The set also includes a letter of authenticity signed by Glukovsky and Andrew Prokhorov, owner of developer 4A Games.

The first Custom Edition was shared with 4A Games. The other nine will be given away to fans. According to a press release, those interested in taking a shot at the prize are encouraged to register at, follow the game on Twitter and Instagram at @MetroVideoGame, and like its Facebook page.

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