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PlanetSide Arena’s weapons should feel familiar to PlanetSide 2 players

A look at the gear coming to the shooter on Jan. 29

Ignoring the hammy segues, this behind-the-scenes video for PlanetSide Arena contains a lot of information on the vehicles and weapons players will be using when Daybreak Game Company’s new multiplayer shooter launches at the end of the month.

PlanetSide Arena, which we previewed last month, is a class-based shooter featuring traditional multiplayer types as well as, yeah, a battle royale. The variations Daybreak is touting include a weapon upgrade system whereby players can “purchase” better equipment on the battlefield after a certain score has been reached (somewhat akin to the way Star Wars Battlefront 2 will spawn you a hero or a vehicle with a certain score). Vehicles are another differentiator that designers hope will quicken the pace of an expansive 250-on-250 mode called Massive Clash.

To do that, designers in the video above show off the weapons and what the philosophy is: Higher-level weapons don’t mean higher damage, they mean more options and utilities. A rocket launcher under an assault rifle is a good example. Daybreak developers say the weapons will feel familiar to those playing PlanetSide 2 — the balancing progression is all being carried over — though their looks will be updated.

Players have two spawnable personal craft, the Flash ATV and a hoverbike called the Tempest. There will be modes that are infantry-only (such as a typical capture-the-flag match) or vehicles-only (a race) to keep one movement type from overwhelming the other throughout the game.

PlanetSide Arena launches Jan. 29 for Windows PC. Its base edition will be $19.99, and a deluxe edition offering more in-game items will cost $39.99. At launch, players who buy the game will have access to all the content within it, though this format may change later.

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