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This Untitled Goose Game goose maker shows us what could have been

It’s fan art and not a playable demo, but this video has our imaginations running wild

An Untitled Goose Game goose stands on the screen in a crown and royal cape, with many options to adjust the goose on the left side Alex Massé

The goose you play as in Untitled Goose Game is a delightful plain white goose that’s only three colors. But what if you could play as a custom goose — say, a King Goose or a lorge goose?

Paralives developer Alex Massé showed us what could have been using Paralives’ editing tools, but on the glorious goose. He added in options to change what type of goose you could play as, as well as hats and shirts to wear if you don’t want to be a naked bird.

The most satisfying things in this goose maker though, are the sliders to change its body size. Massé shows off a real chonky goose and also a really small goose.

Unfortunately this isn’t playable for anyone except Massé, but he thankfully shows off a plethora of different geese that you can make with the goose maker.

Untitled Goose Game is taking the internet by storm, with memes popping up everywhere and, more recently, the ability to 3D print a naughty goose for yourself.

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