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Hologram K. K. Slider opened for a Splatoon concert in Japan

His little howl during the song made hearts melt

The musically talented dog from the Animal Crossing franchise, K. K. Slider, made an appearance at a Splatoon concert over the weekend. He opened the show before the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook performed their sets.

K.K. performed his own acoustic version of what seems to be the Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme song, complete with his own whistling and howl. He then went on to cover a bit of the original Splatoon theme song.

Hologram concerts like this for video game characters and other popular mascots (like Hatsune Miku) are common in Japan. While the vocal tracks obviously aren’t live, the instrumentals usually are, creating an exciting and real concert experience. The Squid Sisters and Off the Hook have been performing at Nintendo concerts for years now, though this is the first time we’ve seen K.K. Slider appear at one. We can only hope once Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases, we’ll have more K.K. concerts.

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