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Overwatch Halloween Terror event returns, check out the new skins

Blizzard reveals first details on Halloween Terror 2019

Blizzard’s annual Halloween-themed event for Overwatch, Halloween Terror, returns to the game on Tuesday, Oct. 15. Halloween Terror 2019 will run through Monday, Nov. 4, and will see the return of the wave-based cooperative mode Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Halloween Terror 2019 will bring with the requisite fresh batch of spooky skins, sprays, and emotes, including five new legendary skins (Pharaoh Ana, Warlock Ashe, Demon Orisa, Will-o’-Wisp Tracer, Scorpion Widowmaker); three epic skins (Inferno Junkrat, Vampire Baptiste, Gorgon Lucio); and new emotes, sprays, and voice lines.

While most cosmetics will be available through Overwatch’s loot boxes, players can also earn the Legendary Demon Hunter Sombra skin — previously a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket-exclusive item — by completing weekly challenges. Inferno Junkrat and Vampire Baptiste are also earned by completing weekly challenges (nine wins per week).

Check out the new cosmetics in the gallery below.

Last year’s version of the Halloween Terror event added new legendary skins for characters like Sombra, Moira, Doomfist, and Wrecking Ball (all of which are cheaper to buy with in-game currency this year), as well as a haunted version of the deathmatch multiplayer map, Château Guillard. Halloween Terror also added Tracer and Brigitte to the list of characters playable in Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Overwatch is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

Update: This story has been updated with event details and images of Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019’s skins and other cosmetics.

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