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Teamfight Tactics will get 50 new units with set two

The new set will be called Rise of the Elements

Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics set 2 will be called Rise of the Elements and will feature 50 new units, Riot announced during its League of Legends 10-year anniversary livestream on Tuesday night. This will be the first major refresh of Teamfight Tactics’ units since the mode launched in August.

As part of the transition to set 2, all of the original Teamfight Tactics units, both the 50 that launched with the mode and the ones that have been released since, will be removed from the game. Riot has said in the past that updates like this will come along every few months to help keep the mode fresh and exciting for players.

New champions like Annie, Zed, and Lux, will be featured in this set. There’ll also be new Little Legends and map skins.

Teamfight Tactics set 2 should be available on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment sometime next week while the set itself should follow a few weeks later.