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Stellaris: Galaxy Command brings 4X strategy game to mobile

Currently available as a beta in certain regions on iOS and Android

Fans of Paradox strategy games like Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis famously spend thousands of hours on their single-player experiences. While those games also have multiplayer modes, they’re more much more challenging to play for extended periods of time. That could change with Stellaris: Galaxy Command, a multiplayer version of the 4X strategy game now in limited beta on iOS and Android.

According to a press release, the mobile game is “based on the worlds of Stellaris” and uses the outcome of the Windows PC and console title as the narrative jumping off point.

“In the aftermath of a devastating, inter-dimensional invasion, the victorious galactic community must now pick up the pieces and rebuild their civilizations,” Paradox writes.

The teaser trailer that the developers provided (seen above) is light on specifics, but the press release is slightly more detailed. Gameplay will center around managing a single space station, and require players to form alliances spanning multiple worlds. It also says the game will rely on player-forged alliances in a persistent world, include fleet-scale combat, and be playable in “bite-sized bursts.”

Here’s hoping that the product lives up to the legacy of other great 4X games on mobile — titles like Neptune’s Pride and Subterfuge.

Galaxy Command is currently only available as a beta for players in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden. Pre-registration for players in other regions is available online.

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