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Star Wars Battlefront 2’s newest cosmetic fulfills promise from 2005 game

Farmboy Luke joins the fight at last

Star Wars: A New Hope - Luke Skywalker standing on Tatooine Sunset Boulevard/Corbis Historical/Getty Images
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 players can now unlock Luke Skywalker as we first came to know him, in his Tatooine outfit and leg wraps. The funny thing is that this release completes a promise the original Battlefront 2 made but never fulfilled.

A user on the Battlefront subreddit pointed out a scan from the 2005 game’s instruction manual, which shows the Farmboy Luke skin in the game. Post-launch support was a lot different 15 years ago, so players were disappointed to see that he wasn’t actually in the game.

“We should get a gas mask and put it up on the wall,” joked the game’s community manager, referencing the logo of Pandemic Studios, the developer of the original two games.

Farmboy Luke is available after players rack up 150 kills in Co-Op, the mode that was recently added to the game. There is also an “Exact Revenge” challenge that delivers an emote for Darth Maul. For that, players must capture 15 command posts on the new Felucia map. Doing so unlocks a “Kenobi!” scream for Maul, as heard in an episode of Star Wars: Rebels.

The unlock events don’t run long, ending on Friday, Oct. 18. After that, presumably the cosmetics will be available for in-game credits or premium currency. They will be followed by another unlock event commencing on Oct. 23. That delivers Luke in his Yavin awards ceremony getup (the one with the yellow jacket), as well as Han Solo in his Yavin 4 appearance (basically his usual vest-and-pants look, but with a buttoned collar and, one assumes, the medal). The unlock conditions for these skins haven’t been revealed.

The new cosmetics were accompanied by a title update (1.40) which brought in the usual round of balancing changes and bug fixes. More details on those changes are available through the official Battlefront forums.

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