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Long-awaited puzzler gets surprise release date on Epic Games Store, Apple Arcade

Manifold Garden will launch after seven years of development

Manifold Garden, the surreal, gravity-agnostic puzzler in development for nearly seven years, has a launch date at last: Tomorrow! It’s coming to the Epic Games Store and Apple Arcade on Oct. 18, and will also be available for PlayStation 4 later.

Developer William Chyr tweeted the news yesterday; based on the announcement video, you’d be correct to compare it to an M.C. Escher sketch or the movie Inception. We spent time with Manifold Garden at E3 2016; at the time it challenged players to work within certain constraints, such as color-coded items, to solve a puzzle. Gravity is of little consideration in Manifold Garden’s world, where down can become up and up can become sideways on a whim.

Manifold Garden’s world also “loops infinitely,” we wrote, so the player may simply explore anything they see. Chyr considers the game “a metaphor for the last 400 years of physics” (our words, not his) and it draws on his obvious interest in architectural renderings. Chyr said he enjoyed sketching out interesting buildings, but not their plumbing or HVAC infrastructure, so that’s why he turned to games to get his drafting fix.

Manifold Garden also has listings on Steam and the PlayStation Store, but no release dates other than TBD or this month. Apple Arcade is the new subscription service for iOS and MacOS devices, which launched last month for $4.99 per month.

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