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Blizzard is fixing Ashe’s ‘unusable’ Halloween skin

Players say the sight is too bright

Ashe and BOB in Halloween Overwatch skins Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch hero Ashe’s Halloween skin looks perfect. She’s got stylish thigh-high boots. Pointy horns and a pointy hat. A fire-infused B.O.B. But there is one thing that’s wrong about her skin, something that’s not noticeable until you put it on in Overwatch and start playing — her gun’s new sight makes it near impossible to aim.

Players on Reddit described the sight as “super thick, bright, and opaque,” and yep, it checks out. Typically, Ashe’s sight is yellow, but with a thin line and a large area to see through. The new scope narrows that area drastically. See for yourself:

“I really like the new skin but can’t see shit when aiming down the sights with it,” Reddit user chuck1337norris said. Some players called is “unusable,” while others noted it just made it harder to aim.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan found the post and said the team will “check it out and make some adjustments.” Later, Kaplan gave an update to show players Ashe’s revised sight, which has a similar cat-eye shape, but with a larger aiming area and a subdued color.

Kaplan said Blizzard is still working on a timeline for the patch.

Overwatch’s 2019 Halloween Terror event launched on Oct. 15 — the same day as Overwatch’s arrival on Nintendo Switch.

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