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Final Fantasy 14 shows off Nier raid, Ultimate fight, and also a gorilla mount

Yes, Alexander Ultimate got announced, but look at that gorilla

In the latest Final Fantasy 14 live letter, director Naoki Yoshida and community producer Toshio Murouchi discussed the features coming in patch 5.1.

The developers announced the release date for the initial 5.1 patch: Oct. 29. As usual, many smaller patches will follow, adjusting job changes and releasing more content after. Ishgard Restoration, which has been teased for the 5.1 patch, has been confirmed to be coming in patch 5.11.

Though the two developers talked about job balance changes for Summoner, Ninja, and Samurai, as well as crafting changes, the biggest announcements from this stream focus on instances and duties. We’ve outlined them below:

The Copied Factory is the first Nier: Automata alliance raid

Yoshida showed the first section of The Copied Factory from the Yohra: Dark Apocalypse raids. The factory is in Norvrandt, according to the title that appears once you load into the instance, but we don’t know where.

The trailer above also showed 2P (the color swapped version of 2B) taking on a mystery character with white hair. While we don’t know for sure who that is, as it could be a character made for the expansion, there’s quite a few guesses as to who it could be. (It’ll be a Nier: Automata spoiler, so we’ll just say that you should go play Nier right now.)

Hades Extreme will launch in patch 5.1

The hard version of the final boss fight from the Shadowbringers story will be available in patch 5.1. Hades was already a pretty intense fight, so while the Extreme version won’t be impossible, it will require players to focus to avoid all of those wild attacks.

This expansion’s Ultimate fight pits you against Alexander

The Epic of Alexander will be the big Ultimate fight in the Shadowbringers expansion. Each expansion has brought an Ultimate with it, and they’re not for the faint of heart. Ultimate fights are regarded as the hardest content in the game and only the best of the best will be able to clear them.

Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser stand around Alexander Prime as if to say, “You just rolled into the wrong neighborhood.” Square Enix via Polygon

Players will be pitted against Brute Justice, Alexander Prime, and Cruise Chaser, as shown in the trailer. Once Yoshida loaded into the fight on stream, he was first forced to go up against Living Liquid, so it’s likely that players will have to fight against more of the bosses from the Alexander raids.

This won’t come around until patch 5.11.

Look at this gorilla mount

I mean, look at it. It’s quite good. The gorilla picks players up in its arms and carries them, so this is even funnier looking if you play as a lalafell, like how Yoshida does. Mounts that carry your player aren’t anything new, but this has such bizarre vibes to it that I had to point it out. Players can obtain this mount by participating in the Ishgard Restoration project in patch 5.11.

Naoki Yoshida holds up a photo of a gorilla carrying a lalafell while Toshio Murouchi laughs Square Enix via Polygon

If you missed the stream, here’s a Twitch VOD. A VOD will go up on YouTube in coming weeks.

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