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Control update revoked after it forced online play, removed Steam controller support

Photo Mode is gone too, but Remedy says it’ll be reinstated soon

Control’s protagonist, Jesse, aims her gun at a grotesque, floating enemy Remedy Entertainment/505 Games

Remedy Entertainment is rolling back its new update for Control after it forced users into online play and removed Steam controller support.

Control players on Reddit reported problems with the game’s latest patch yesterday, suggesting it added digital rights management (DRM) that required an internet connection and removed support for Steam controllers — the DRM reportedly required players to access the game through the Epic Games Store launcher. The adjustments were not outlined in Control’s patch notes.

Remedy wrote on Twitter today that Control’s current issues were “caused by the latest update,” which was intended to “validate future paid expansions, not to force you to play online or to remove Steam controller support.”

The developer is reverting Control to its previous version until the issue can be fixed. Remedy said the new update will be available “as soon as [it] can fix the issues that came up.” More information will be shared once it’s settled.

Unfortunately, that means Control’s photo mode has been temporarily removed from the game. The much-requested mode was added to the game in an update on Oct. 16. Players excited for the new feature will have to stick to screenshots for now.

Remedy explained that the Epic Games Store — which is often subject to criticism from the internet — was not at fault for the mistake.

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