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Streamer creates wearable ‘goose’ suit to play Untitled Goose Game

Honestly, it looks exhausting

Twitch streamer Rudeism wearing a goose costume Rudeism via Polygon
Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

Dylan “Rudeism” Beck — the Twitch streamer who “plays games wrong” — created a wacky controller to play developer House House’s Untitled Goose Game. In a live stream last night, Rudeism showed off his latest creation: himself, as a goose, wearing a rig that “helps” him play Untitled Goose Game.

Here’s how it works: Movement is tied to flippers on his feet, but he controls direction through a thumb stick. To move, he has to walk in place, hobbling like a goose. A pair of white gloves are rigged to control the goose’s wings — if he wants to flap his goose’s wings, he needs to flap his own wings. Naturally, Rudeism has a white sheet he’s draped over himself to give himself a more goose-like appearance.

But in Untitled Goose Game, one of the more important controls is the honk. For that, Rudeism created a voice-activated beak that he’s strapped to his face. Weirdly enough, there is blood all over the beak, but was being quite coy about how he injured himself during the creation process.

If it sounds complex, that’s because it is: Rudeism had to strap himself into the controllers in a process that takes quite a long time.

At the 25 minute mark of his video, Rudeism was able to start playing Untitled Goose Game. Unfortunately for Rudeism, it’s an extremely tiring way to experience the game. After a while, Rudeism had to switch from his squatting position to a chair where he was still able to stomp his feet to move.

His goose controller lasted about an hour before it broke, so he moved onto another one of his creations: the Rocket League guitar controller. Thankfully, Rudeism wrote on Twitter that he’ll fix up the goose’s wiring and do more Untitled Goose Game this week.