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Yep, these are Angry Birds sneakers

That’s a lot of colors!

A colorful pair of Angry Birds sneakers Rovio Entertainment/K-Swiss

Angry Birds is coming up on its 10th anniversary — the puzzle game was released on iOS all the way back in December 2009. In the years that have passed, publisher Rovio turned the game into a franchise, with plenty of off-shoot titles released, as well as two movies, a cartoon series, and a theme park. Now, Rovio is licensing out the rights to the next logical thing: sneakers.

The holiday season, the company will release two Angry Birds sneaker designs in collaboration with footwear company K-Swiss. Essentially, these are re-skins of a classic K-Swiss shoe. Two different options are available: one pair that’s red and plastered with, of course, variations on Angry Birds’ red bird, and another that features the green, red, and yellow characters, Red, Chuck, and Bomb. Each of the sneaker pairs has a slingshot charm and features K-Swiss’ signature five stripes.

K-Swiss sneakers plastered with a red Angry Birds bird Rovio Entertainment/K-Swiss

Thankfully, the limited run of sneakers are only available in child and youth sizes. Both pairs will be available in December, according to Rovio. No prices have been listed just yet.

Angry Birds 2 was released in theaters last month — again, a celebration of 10 years since Angry Birds original release, the game that spawned it all.

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