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Fortnite players discover fish that deals massive damage

Introducing the Mythic Goldfish

A Fortnite player reels in a fish Epic Games

Fortnite chapter 2 is all about aquatics: the map has a number of new waterways; players can swim; there are boats. And, like all great video games, now there’s also fishing. Most of the time, casting a rod merely produces a healing item, or perhaps a rusted can. But there’s apparently an extremely small chance fishing will hook you an overpowered item.

Since the start of this season, we’ve known about something called the “Mythic Goldfish” thanks to data miners poking in the Fortnite files. But nobody had actually found this item, which is said to deal a “massive” amount of damage:

In the last 24 hours, however, players have started sharing footage of what the Mythic Goldfish looks like in-game. The first person to have encountered it seems to be a Redditor, but now that people know this is real, folks are going into games with the explicit purpose of finding the item, so there are a number of clips floating around.

The “fish” is actually a trophy that can be thrown at enemies, and when it lands, it makes a clanking sound. It’s unclear how much damage this weapon does; some people claim it can one-shot enemies, but some clips show it hitting islanders without instantly killing them. Whatever the case, Fortnite players are fascinated by the inclusion and want to find it for themselves, which makes it very likely that you’re going to find way more fishermen in future games.

Reports suggest that you can spend ages fishing and not find the trophy, so don’t be surprised if your attempts don’t produce the desired results. But if you manage to be killed by one, don’t be sad — you’ll get an achievement for your troubles.

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