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Final Fantasy 14 players are humiliating NPCs in goofy ways

Now is the time to turn into Urianger and make him dab

Urianger does the Black Ranger pose in Final Fantasy 14, which looks close to a dab Square Enix via Polygon

This year’s All Saints Wake event for Final Fantasy 14 brought back the ability to transform into the game’s most beloved non-playable characters, meaning that players are now making some hilarious scenes.

The event teleports players to a Halloween version of the Haukke Manor dungeon and once there, players can transform into their NPC of choice. (Alisae and Alphinaud, two of the important Scions of the Seventh Dawn from FF14, are not included, as their models are unique and don’t work the way others do.) After transforming, players can emote and run around the mansion as their favorite NPCs.

Final Fantasy 14’s NPCs are fairly serious throughout the game. While they do crack jokes here or there, it’s hard to imagine any of them doing anything silly. After all, they spend most of the game trying to prevent the world from ending and whatnot.

Some players use this opportunity to use the “Yol Dance” emote, which is the closest thing the game has to T-posing. I am personally a fan of the “Black Ranger” pose, which is kind of close to dabbing. Others might take it as a chance to take some shots of their favorite ‘ships. Final Fantasy 14 has an intricate screenshot program that lets players adjust lighting, time out emotes, and make other adjustments in game. Thanks to that, players are living out their fantasy of tormenting Thancred. You can catch some of the most inventive pranks below.

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