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WWE 2K20 fans say it’s a huge mess

Oh no

A wrestler celebrates his entrance into the arena. 2K Sports

Over the last 24 hours, social media has been overrun with unflattering videos, screenshots, and GIFs of the latest WWE game, WWE 2K20. As the players tell it, the wrestling title is a barely functional mess full of baffling glitches, graphical hiccups, performance issues, and missing features.

The Tweets speak for themselves:

On Reddit, players are writing up lists of issues that reportedly include ample lag, crashes, inexplicable animations and general shenanigans, as well as absent longtime features, such as allowing players to edit match rules during online play.

The sports game has subsequently garnered a “mostly negative” review on Steam, where the top review says that the game is “held together with duct tape and spit.” The official website fails to load at all as of this writing. A report by Kotaku, meanwhile, states that a reporter who tried the game out found it “nearly unplayable,” but that some of the issues, such as the quality of wrestler renders, have been “overstated.”

So, how did things get this bad? While 2K did not immediately respond to a request for comment, the leading theory right now involves a rocky development situation.

Longtime fans may recall that longtime Japanese developer Yuke’s is no longer making the WWE games after 20 years with the franchise. Instead, Yuke is now developing an original wrestling title.

WWE 2K20 was developed by California-based studio, Visual Concepts.

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