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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season 4 trailer forces the heroes to grow up

Glimmer is now Queen Glimmer, there is a traitor in the midst, and the bad guys gear up to face the even badder guys

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

The first trailer for the upcoming season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power dives right into the fallout of season 3’s ending.

Last season’s finale saw devastating consequences: After a warped reality almost claims the entire world, Queen Angella sacrificed herself to save Etheria, and Glimmer had to step up as Queen of Brightmoon. Meanwhile, Catra rises to second-in-command of the Horde, after blaming the whole fiasco on Catra.

This trailer shows Glimmer’s coronation and the Princess Alliance realizes that there must be a traitor in their midst. On the opposite end, Catra and Hordak rally to battle the real enemy: Horde Prime and his grand army. Will they ally together to defeat the Bigger Bad? While this tear them apart?

One thing’s for certain: Despite the growing threats and increased tension, there is still plenty of time for goofs and friendship. Swift Wind, for one thing, is definitely making sure of that.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power returns on Netflix on Nov. 5. Unlike seasons 2 and 3, which were smaller and felt like two separate halves, season 4 is getting a full 13 episodes.

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