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WWE 2K20 patch coming ... ‘in the next two weeks’

2K Sports at least acknowledges the mess

A wrestler makes her entrance to a bout in WWE 2K20 Visual Concepts/2K Sports
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Bug-beleaguered WWE 2K20, “held together by duct tape and spit,” according to one Steam reviewer, will get patched, 2K Sports says. In two weeks.

The sports publisher, in a tweet yesterday afternoon, formally acknowledged the rasslin’ game’s lag, frameskip and glitch-filled launch this week, which has seen a dogpile of gifs, screenshots and videos showing wrestlers (and their hair) doing all kinds of unnatural things. Sports games typically have bugs at launch, but the quantity and game-wrecking nature of the ones WWE 2K20 players have shared on social media are beyond the pale. To wit:

2K Sports/Visual Concepts says:

So, that fairly raises the question of why the game couldn’t be delayed even two weeks. (Fairly obvious answer: Contractual obligation, but to paying customers, that is a weak excuse.) Whatever the case, WWE 2K20 is now open to the withering criticism that players paid $60 for a beta — if not more, considering the special editions and such.

The other circumstantial evidence that maybe WWE 2K20 should not have been released is the fact longtime developer Yuke’s was let go from the project back in the summer. Yuke’s had been working on WWF/WWE games going back to 2000, and was retained by 2K after it bought the WWE license from the THQ fire sale back in 2013.

But this year, Visual Concepts took over full control of the project for the first time. While fans, over the years, had criticized Yuke’s iterations (with glitches among them) at least past editions were much more stable and playable than what’s been shown of 2K20.