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The Grudge has been sorta rebooted, but the creepy long-haired child remains

John Cho has fingers in his hair, apparently

The latest Grudge movie wastes no time in turning the spooky up.

A fourth Grudge movie (just called The Grudge) has been in the works for quite some time. Originally envisioned as a direct sequel, then as a reboot using totally new mythology, then as kind of a reboot but still using the existing “concepts and spirits” of the original franchise. When director Nicolas Pesce took over, he stated that this new film would be much “darker, grittier, and more realistic.”

Turns out that means: John Cho is a realtor. Heck yeah, John Cho! He’s in the shower at one point at the end, having a nice wash, before some fingers just emerge from the back of his head. Jeepers!

Andrea Riseborough (Oblivion) stars as Detective Muldoon, a single mom and detective, who discovers that a suburban house in her neighborhood is cursed with a vengeful ghost. Unlike the previous entries in the Grudge series, this one does not appear to have any ties to Japan. But we still get the long dark hair covering ghostly faces and hands just appearing out of places where there should not be hands.

The Grudge — the new new Grudge — comes out in theaters on Jan. 3, 2020.

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