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Steam is asking players to revisit reviews after extended playtime

Have your opinions changed?

Steam Universe logo on blue background Valve

Steam is now asking players who have reviewed games to revisit their reviews if they’ve put more time into the game since their original review.

It doesn’t appear that Steam is picking players based on whether their initial reviews were good or bad. As of right now, the number of additional hours you have to play a game to trigger this prompt is unknown. Reddit user PunnyCasual pointed out this feature and their prompt notes that they’ve played an additional 93 hours of Destiny 2 since leaving their first review. Another reddit user says they got this prompt after playing a lot of Hitman 2.

This update isn’t groundbreaking but it makes perfect sense — anyone’s opinion of a game is probably different after playing over 90 hours more of it. One Reddit commenter noted that seeing the post pointing out the new feature reminded them that they wanted to change an old review. Players aren’t forced to change their reviews, but a nice reminder that your thoughts might have changed since first playing the game is sweet.

Polygon has reached out to Valve to confirm this feature and will update this post when the company responds.

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