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Nier: Automata comes to Final Fantasy 14, now everyone can dress like 2B

2B is for everyone

A white-haired Viera wears 2B’s outfit in Final Fantasy 14 Square Enix via aceSakirfice on Reddit
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The first Nier: Automata raid is now playable in Final Fantasy 14, which means there are new extremely cool outfits to get, including 2B’s outfit.

2B’s iconic dress can be earned by clearing The Copied Factory, the new 24-player raid. After beating the last boss, three players will randomly get a set of 2B’s clothes. Three sets will drop, so only three lucky players will score the outfit per run. Her outfit is level one and can be equipped by every race and job in Final Fantasy 14, so players can use it as sweet glamour no matter what level they are.

A black Hrothgar dresses like 2B in Final Fantasy 14 Square Enix via gbghgs on Reddit

The rest of the high-level raid gear is based off of the looks of other characters from Nier: Automata, but they’re job- and level-restricted.

Since the raid is new, you can only successfully get one new piece of equipment per week, not including the 2B outfit set.

If you want to look like a cool Nier character, you’ll have to be level 80 and finish the quests “Shadowbringers” and “Word about Komra.” From there, you can start the questline to unlock The Copied Factory in Khoulusia with a quest called “A Scandal in Komra.” Note that your item level needs to be level 435 or above in order to run the raid.

A male hyur wears 2B’s outfit in Final Fantasy 14, showing off his butt.
Square Enix said, “Ass OUT.”
Square Enix via TheTomberry on Reddit

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