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Red Dead Online goes supernatural with its new Halloween mode

Time to rustle up some scares

Red Dead Online - a player with a spooky mask wields a hatchet Rockstar Games
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Red Dead Online players have reported finding mysterious corpses out in the swamp, and now that spookiness is getting ramped up. A host of Halloween-themed changes are coming to Red Dead Online, including a new limited-time showdown mode: Fear of the Dark.

Fear of the Dark is a mode where players are divided into two teams: plucky Hunters and terrifying Night Stalkers. Night Stalkers begin as powerhouses with enhanced strength and speed, but they rely on skull masks hidden around the map. As Hunters destroy masks, Stalkers become weaker and the tables turn in favor of the Hunters.

Hunters win if they destroy all masks and clear all Night Stalkers; Night Stalkers need to survive until the timer ends or all Hunters are dead. As a nice little bonus, Fear of the Dark games will pay out a 3X gold reward and 2X in-game dollar reward.

Red Dead Online - a player poses with cosmetic items in a cornfield
Some of the new gear on display
Rockstar Games

All three specialist roles will also get a specific scary mask for their troubles: a swine mask for Traders, a masquerade mask for Collectors, and a new Creature mask for Bounty Hunters.

This patch includes some other, more standard additions to the game. A Legendary Bounty can be acquired by all bounty hunters to take out a former mayor and corrupt politician, Tobin Winfield. There’s also a new Weekly Collectible list from Madam Nazar for Collectors, and a new selection of clothing for sale in the clothing catalogue.

The Halloween festivities will run through November; the exclusive masks and Fear of the Dark reward bonuses conclude on Nov. 3, and Fear of the Dark will removed from the game rotation on Nov. 12.