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South Park and Rick and Morty are coming to HBO Max

South Park finds a new streaming home

artwork featuring the cast of South Park South Park Sudios/Viacom Media
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Two of the most popular animated shows will both call HBO Max home in 2020. The new WarnerMedia streaming service announced it will add South Park and Rick and Morty to its streaming line up during a presentation on Tuesday.

The addition of South Park to the library cost WarnerMedia a reported $500 million for exclusive rights. The show was previously streaming on Hulu, where it was one of the platform’s most watched shows. As part of the deal, the show will leave Hulu next summer when it joins the HBO Max line up. New episodes will continue to premiere on Comedy Central, but HBO max will get them just 24 hours after they first air.

As for Rick and Morty, its addition to WarnerMedia’s streaming service isn’t too surprising, since it originally airs on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, a network that WarnerMedia owns. Interestingly, Rick and Morty won’t get the same exclusive treatment as South Park. Instead, The Hollywood Reporter reports the series will continue to stream on Hulu as well. Future episodes of Rick and Morty will go up on Hulu to stream at the same time they go up on HBO Max, which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, should be about five months after they air.

News of these two animated series coming to HBO Max came alongside a number of other announcements of shows coming to the service. Among WarnerMedia’s other announcements were two new DC shows, including Green Lantern, and a new Game of Thrones prequel called House of the Dragon for HBO.

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