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Watch Rebecca Sugar demo ‘Found’ from Steven Universe: the Movie in exclusive clip

True to form, Steven reaches out with song

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar pitches one of the most emotional moments of Steven Universe: The Movie.

The movie introduced Spinel, Pink Diamond’s frenzied and very tragic former playmate. Spinel rockets to Earth, intending to wipe out all of humanity, but Steven eventually learns the reason behind Spinel’s rage: Pink Diamond abandoned her in a garden for over 6,000 years.

Because Steven is, well, Steven, he reaches out to her and offers her a chance at acceptance and redemption. And of course, because Steven is Steven, this is done through song.

Steven Universe: The Movie offered a poignant postscript to the show’s five seasons, but Steven and the Crystal Gems’ adventures aren’t stopping there. A limited series entitled Steven Universe Future will come to Cartoon Network and offer an epilogue to the whole show.

There isn’t any update on when Steven Universe Future will come out, but Steven Universe: The Movie will be available on DVD starting Nov. 12. A full making-of documentary, diving into the backstory of some of these other devastating emotional moments, will be available with the movie’s DVD release.

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