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Wow, Atlus is going all out with Persona 5: The Royal

Expect a ton of new stuff

An illustration of the main cast of Persona 5 striding towards the camera in their school uniforms, with a stylized red-and-black Tokyo skyline behind them. Atlus

An Atlus re-release typically means new characters, storylines, and features. In the case of Persona 5: The Royal, we already know the developers have added a new phantom thief and that the game will ease up on forcing you to go to sleep early, in addition to including an entire new semester of gameplay. But there’s more — way more.

According to a recent translation obtained by Siliconera, the new game will also allow you to stream up a little more of the narrative on websites like Twitch. Previously, Persona 5 made headlines after Atlus threatened streamers and YouTubers who showcased gameplay past the in-game date of November, but apparently that restriction has shifted to somewhere midway through December.

The repackaged game will also now allow players to gift items to male confidants in exchange for deeper relationships. Previously, this mechanic was limited to women, as the gesture was coded as romantic. It’s unclear if this means you’ll be able to romance male characters in Royal, or if the game will unilaterally treat gifts as advances, but it’s a nice touch regardless.

The Royal will also expand the phone call system — where before the mechanic was primarily there to confirm future plans, it now seems that calls will be real conversations on their own that can deeper your relationships.

The game will also now allow you to keep a personal palace that you can decorate and do things like enjoy the soundtrack.

There will also be new locales where players can do things like go to a Jazz club, or play darts.

In short: Atlus is giving players plenty of reasons to go through an extremely long game once again.

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