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Pixar characters enter the real world in upcoming Disney Plus series

Stop everything you’re doing and watch IRL WALL-E

While Disney creates live action remakes of its most beloved animated properties, Pixar has been keeping its best movies in the animated realm. Until now.

But don’t worry — there is no live action Toy Story coming to theaters soon. Instead, a Disney Plus original series called Pixar IRL will transport some favorite Pixar characters into the real world for some fun shenanigans. It’s like the time they sent a golden retriever with a talking collar out into the world, only this time, it’s with even more characters.

The brief trailer shows a kid running at lightning speeds like Dash Parr; Hank the octopus maneuvering a stroller like in Finding Dory; the Monsters Inc. CDA agents in hazmat suits; some sort of feelings controller from Inside Out; everyone’s favorite trash collecting robot Wall-E, and Russell, the enthusiastic Junior Wilderness Explorer from Up.

Pixar IRL will be available when Disney Plus launches on Nov. 12. Other new Pixar offerings include short series Forky Asks a Question, in which the quirky Toy Story 4 character ponders the intricacies of life, and the Pixar Spark Shorts program, featuring new short films by budding animators.

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