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I have questions about the zombie Peely Fortnite skin

What’s going on here?

Fortnite zombie skins raise from the dead. Epic Games

Fortnite’s Halloween celebration is underway, and as a part of the festivities, Epic Games is releasing a series of spooky costumes to mark the occasion. There’s the obligatory Ghoul Trooper skin, which players will cop due to rarity. And then there’s this inexplicable monstrosity, which the battle royale developer revealed earlier today via a new trailer.

It’s a great costume — I’m definitely tempted to boot up the game and buy it. But I think I also speak for everyone when I say: what the hell?

Listen, Peely has never 100% made sense. When the giant banana was introduced in Season 8, everyone seemed confused over its anatomy. Where does the head begin and end? Is this a man in costume? What is going on with its knees? Despite the bewilderment, everyone accepted Peely, because it’s a silly skin that adds to Fortnite’s ever-growing food obsession.

But now that we’ve gotten a look inside this monstrosity, things have only gotten more confusing. As it turns out, this is neither a man or a banana judging from this horrific skeleton. Instead, it seems to be some weird mixture of the two.

If the insides have actual bones, how in the world did Jonesy liquify Peely to eat him? Is there any actual banana in the milkshake that holds Peely, or is it actually literally just bone juice?

Epic please. What is going on? This is too much!

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