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New Epic Games Store update tweaks UI, promises wishlist feature

Soon ...

The Epic Games store logo Epic Games

A new update to the Epic Games Store gave the client and website a new look, and has confirmed that Epic is working on adding a wishlist feature.

The storefront has been updated and optimized to run quicker and to show you games by genre or popularity.

The real gems from this announcement are the features to come. Players will soon be able to add games they want to their wishlist, where they’ll get notifications about sales. There will also be updated gridview so your games will be easier to see and recognize.

OpenCritic will also be working with Epic Games to bring reviews to the storefront. The website takes a bunch of scores from a variety of game critics and calculates out the averages so you can get a pretty balanced review score from a bunch of different people at once.

There’s no details about when wishlists, the improved grid view, or the critic reviews will launch, but for now we can just appreciate the pretty upgrade.

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