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Apex Legends leak points to zombies and Halloween event

Dataminer uncovers Halloween-themed content, including a zombie survival mode

The Cage area of Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon map at nighttime Respawn Entertainment via @Shrugtal on Twitter

A very spooky Halloween event might be coming to Apex Legends. According to recent posts from Apex Legends’ dataminer Shrugtal, a number of Halloween-themed files are in the game, including new skins, a new game mode, and even a twist on the old Kings Canyon map.

According to Shrugtal’s findings, the event will be called Fright or Flight and will include a new game mode called Shadowfall. Shadowfall will be a free-for-all solo mode where spiders will jump out of loot boxes and dead players will resurrect into fast zombies that will try to attack the surviving players. The final 10 players remaining in the match will have to hold out in a certain area while a dropship comes in to rescue them.

Each of these new enemies, like spiders and zombies, have their own unique animations that Shrugtal has found and there are a few cutscenes that set up the mode. Shadowfall also seems to take place on a slightly altered, nighttime version of Apex Legends’ first map, Kings Canyon, and may feature the return of the giant dinosaur-like Leviathans who also appear to be extra creepy and Halloween-themed.

Shrugtal also found a few Halloween skins that would likely be part of the event, but they didn’t get too specific with what those skins are. Shrugtal also found something called Revenant who appears to be the announcer for the Shadowfall game mode, but also could be a playable Legend in the future, considering they have a full ability kit hidden in the game’s code.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a possible Halloween event for Apex Legends. Back in August a leak from a GameStop conference showed off many of the season 3 changes to the game that were only officially revealed earlier this week, including Crypto’s set of abilities. Alongside this leak was a preview of a Halloween-themed Gibraltar skin which seems to give some credence to Shrugtal’s findings.

There’s no indication of when this event might start, if it is real, but with Halloween only a few weeks away it seems like Respawn could add it to the game sometime soon.

Polygon has reached out to Respawn for comment on the leak and will update when the company responds.

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