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Final Fantasy 14 is addressing its housing problem

New housing wards will be available to players who want to relocate and those seeking a Free Company house

A Free Company house in Final Fantasy 14’s New Gridania housing district Square Enix via Polygon
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Final Fantasy 14’s housing system is extremely limited, but with the game’s next patch (version 5.1), more plots of land will be added to the game.

Three more wards will be added to each housing district, meaning that there will be 180 new plots of land per the four housing areas. However, these new wards will only be available for players who are relocating the homes they already own and to players buying houses for their Free Companies.

The housing system in Final Fantasy 14 is notoriously bad. The number of houses per server are limited, and if there’s an empty plot, players will have to wait for the plot to open for purchase at a random time. (And it could take over 24 hours, so if you want a house, prepare to camp in front of a screen for a long time.) This is to discourage players from using real money to sell housing plots. However, players have circumvented this by buying the house under a Free Company name, and then selling the Free Company off to a player who wants to purchase the house. While apartments are plentiful in the game, players want a bigger space to decorate and call their own.

Rumors have been swirling among players regarding a completely new housing district being added in Ishgard, but there has been no confirmation about this.

Square Enix’s housing announcement doesn’t say specifically if the new housing wards are coming in patch 5.1 or one of the smaller patches after, and it notes that the company will decide when to open the wards up to individual buyers.

Patch 5.1 for Final Fantasy 14 will be released at the end of October.

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