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The Joker debuts to a huge $93M opening weekend

That’ll put a happy face on a lot of execs

the joker wearing a clown mask in the new york subway in the joker Warner Bros. Pictures
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

As expected, The Joker set a box office record for films opening in October, hauling in $93.5 million from U.S. theaters and adding a commercial star to the movie’s critical accolades so far.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the adaptation of Batman’s eternal nemesis pulled in another $140.5 million from overseas screenings, and the film hasn’t yet launched in China, which usually supplies the biggest stream to a superhero movie’s revenue pour.

For the domestic receipts, The Joker tops 2018’s Venom ($80.3 million) for best October open. It’s still plenty short of the best debut for an R-rated movie, which also goes to a superhero flick — Ryan Reynolds’ offbeat passion project Deadpool, from February 2016.

From director Todd Phillips and star Joaquin Phoenix, The Joker is a dark and disturbing take on the villain’s origin. A month ago it took top honors at the Venice Film Festival, an award that should position the picture for Oscar nominations next year. Our review, while calling The Joker “beautifully shot and well acted,” said that skill is more applied to “a grimdark image rather than a message about … any of the other, real issues so easily within reach.”