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Wrestler keeps playing his Nintendo Switch in the middle of matches

Sweet moves

A wrestler performs a dropkick while glued to his gaming device. Leroy Green

Many of us have probably told someone, at some point, that we can’t just pause the game right now. But I’m guessing that most of us haven’t continued to game through situations that could get our asses kicked or leave us seriously hurt, however.

The picture you see above is not a photoshop. That’s Leroy Green, a professional wrestler whose shtick appears to be playing his Nintendo Switch no matter what happens. At times, he has to avoid hits while glued to his screen. But things get particularly impressive when he pulls off fancier moves, like drop kicks while still continuing to game. It’s truly a sight to behold:

So, what in the world is grabbing his attention like this? I’m guessing that the title changes with time, but in the video above he’s playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a choice that is extremely meta. In a recent Instagram caption, Green mentions Cuphead, an infamously tough game that, for most people, would probably be impossible to multitask like this.

“Playing games and taking names is the mood,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’d take his name but I’d much prefer the title. We only play Big Games and take Big Names.”

“This is only like 7% of my full power,” Green joked on Twitter.

If you want to see this legend in action, he’s going to be fighting in New Jersey later this month. Apparently, Green likes to walk into the ring with Sonic the Hedgehog music as his theme, so you’ll have that to look forward to.

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