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Fallout 76 player builds deadly love hotel trap

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The hottest thing in Appalachia of late seems to be coming up with increasingly elaborate ways to kill or troll other wastelanders, and in that respect, Kazamati is leading the pack. A couple of months ago, the YouTuber built a gentleman’s club that murders anyone that mistakes it for a good time. Last week, they followed that up by crafting a love hotel that kills those who lay on its bed.

The second that the player’s body starts to rest, the entire building starts collapsing around them. Probably, the huge “LAY” sign should have been a big red flag that something fishy was going on, but that’s part of the fun — you just never know what’s going to happen in this game.

More recently, Kazamati has been sowing chaos through a machine that generates and then launches Brahmin, Fallout’s three-headed cows, into the air. Can you imagine? Just going about your business, killing a molerat or something, when suddenly a bovine falls on your head? God, I love Fallout 76.

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