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World of Warcraft’s next patch, Visions of N’Zoth, wraps up Battle for Azeroth

Vulpera! Mechagnomes! N’Zoth! It’s all here.

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Two Vulpera standing in a desert Blizzard Entertainment via
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World of Warcraft’s current expansion, Battle for Azeroth, is coming to an end with its next patch. In Patch 8.2, we saw Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid conclude with the Old God N’Zoth being freed from his prison. Patch 8.2.5 brought the war between the Horde and the Alliance to an end, with Saurfang sacrificing himself for peace and Sylvanas heading off for some mysterious plan. Now, we’re taking the fight to N’Zoth ... and getting some new friends along the way.

There will be two new Allied Races in Battle for Azeroth. The Vulpera, a cute and tiny fox-like people who we first met in Battle for Azeroth’s Horde zone, will join the Horde. The Alliance will be welcoming the Mechagnomes we met on Mechagon in Rise of Azshara. These two new races will come with their own mounts, as well as the ability to unlock heritage armor later down the line. (Fans of Dolly and Dot will be saddened to hear Vulpera are not getting alpaca mounts.)

There will also be a 12-boss raid in order to conclude Battle for Azeroth’s story, and the final boss of this expansion will be N’Zoth. This is the first time we have faced an Old God as the final boss of an expansion, and this particular fishy boy might have a couple more tricks for players up his sleeves.

The patch will also contain a new affix for Mythic dungeons, Corrupted, that is suitably Old God-themed. Corrupted will open portals that skip players around the dungeon, which could lead to fun speedrun-style strats.

Fans of the Mage Tower will be pleased to hear there is a similar challenge in Horrific Visions. Wrathion will guide players through scenarios of corrupted, alternate Stormwind and Orgrimmars. These challenges will level up a legendary cloak that will be used during the N’Zoth fight.

Capping everything off is the addition of Heritage Armor for Worgens and Goblins. This includes a top hat for the Worgen.

We’ll have more on Visions of N’Zoth as details become available; this patch is heading to the World of Warcraft public test realm (PTR) soon.

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