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Now you can create your own Untitled Goose Game to-do list

More memes incoming

Untitled Goose Game list generator meme
House House/Panic/Samuel Fine

We’ve seen a gaggle of Untitled Goose Game memes since the game came out last month. Here’s a new one, that allows you to create your own goose-style to do list.

It’s the creation of web developer Samuel “Hainuel” Fine, who tweeted it out earlier today. “So I made an Untitled Goose Game to-do list generator,” wrote Fine. “It’s not 100% perfect but it, uh, exists. And that’s good enough for today!”

In Untitled Goose Game, players take on the role of a goose given various malicious tasks, like stealing a gardener’s pumpkins or frightening a schoolboy. The missions are presented as a to-do list, which are satisfyingly crossed out, once achieved.

Fine’s to-do list generator allows you to write anything into the format, before taking a screenshot and posting to your favorite social media outlet.

The game has inspired plenty of memes, including a series that imagines the goose in other games. Its social media popularity has helped propel Untitled Goose Game to the top of the Nintendo Switch sales charts. The game is also available for Windows PC and Mac, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions likely in the works.

If that’s not enough goose-related fun for you, be sure to check out Polygon’s Untitled Goose Game review, as well as our interview with the game’s developers House House.

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