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A new Netflix doc finds a brother hiding secrets from his amnesiac twin

Tell Me Who I Am arrives later this month

2019 has been a good year for documentaries, and Netflix will soon add to the crop with Tell Me Who I Am, which played at the Telluride Film Festival and BFI London Film Festival earlier this year.

The documentary focuses on identical twins Alex and Marcus Lewis. At age 18, Alex suffered a motorcycle accident, and upon waking from a coma, found that he remembered nothing — but was still able to recognize his brother. From there, Marcus began helping Alex remember what their life had been like, constructing memories around family pictures to piece together a life that seemed idyllic.

However, Marcus’ version of their lives wasn’t quite truthful, hiding away a dark family secret as Alex accepted whatever Marcus told him.

The documentary deals with the fallout, from why Marcus lied to begin with to Alex coping with the realization that the one person he thought he could trust had deliberately hidden the truth.

Tell Me Who I Am will hit Netflix on Oct. 18.

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