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Sony’s next PSVR release could be wireless, according to recent patent

The next version of PSVR could have a lot of surprises

PlayStation VR headset Sony Interactive Entertainment

With the PlayStation 5 on the horizon, Sony might be looking to upgrade the console’s virtual reality options. While Sony has said in the past that all current PSVR hardware will work with the new system, that hasn’t stopped them from looking to the future, according to a recent patent originally found by LetsGoDigital.

These patents, which were originally filed in February, appear to show a few big changes that could be coming to an updated PSVR headset. The most noticeable change is the addition of new outward-facing cameras, two on of the front of the headset and one on the back, as well as a camera on in the controllers themselves.

A VR headset from a Sony patent with several indicators marking LED lights and cameras on the headset.
The headset from Sony’s latest PSVR patent
Sony Interactive Entertainment

The patent also briefly mentions the idea that the headset could work wirelessly, through Bluetooth. That feature would certainly help it stand out among a very crowded field of otherwise tethered headsets.

We’re sure to hear more about Sony’s VR plans as the PlayStation 5’s holiday 2020 release date gets closer.

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