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Crossy Road coming to Apple Arcade as a 2D platformer

Crossy Road Castle looks like a huge departure

Crossy Road Castle screenshot featuring the eagle from the original Crossy Road standing over some critters Hipster Whale

Crossy Road became a bit of a thing when it launched five years ago. The free-to-play Frogger-esque tapper featured a chicken making its way across a busy roadway. Despite the simple premise, the game became an instant success.

It’s no big surprise that a follow-up is coming, though the format of said follow-up is somewhat unexpected. Crossy Road Castle, coming to Apple Arcade later this year, is a 2D, multiplayer-centric platformer.

Early screenshots (seen in the gallery below) show off some familiar faces, including the famous white chicken, as well as the infamous Crossy Road eagle, who returns in the form of a boss fight.

Outside of the graphical and character similarities, though, the games appear to be totally different. Crossy Road Castle seems to have more in common with masocore platformers like Super Meat Boy than it does the original Crossy Road.

Thankfully, given the complexity of its platforming challenges, Castle will support controllers (including the recently-added-to-iOS PS4 and Xbox One controllers), as well as local multiplayer for up to four people.

At launch the game will feature one level, “Unihorse Tower,” which is described as “climbing into the air forever.” More characters and levels will also be added after launch, which is scheduled for later this year.

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