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Oh no, Fortnite is memorializing players’ biggest mistakes

Mistakes were made

A Fortnite loading screen. Epic Games

There was a time, before the rise of social media and share buttons, when you could screw up in a game without having to worry that someone might post your blunder online — or worse, that it might go viral. You could mess up, feel embarrassed, and then move on with your life. Nobody would have to know.

Now, though? Even the video games you play might haunt you with your embarrassments.

Fortnite Chapter 2’s big thing is that introduces new mechanics, such as swimming. For a while, everyone was starting off on the same foot, so to speak, without much knowledge of how things worked or how to best play a new game with a new map. So, inevitably, some people died in silly ways as they started to figure out what made Chapter 2 tick.

One clip of a player diving out of a waterfall went viral earlier in the year, and Epic Games decided to commemorate the funny moment with an in-game memorial that marks exactly where they died:

It’s not the first time Epic has done something like this. Infamously, a failed rescue attempt off a cliff also got a tombstone last year that players could visit. It seems that if your death makes people laugh, there’s a good chance it might get a nod in-game.

It’s all in good fun, of course, but truthfully, now I’m going to start living in fear that my mistakes will be marked for everyone to see. Please, Epic, ignore my Fortnite escapades. Nobody needs to see or know about that!

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