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5 Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels episodes to watch before Jedi: Fallen Order

The game is full of references, and the animated series will prepare you

Saw Gerrera speaks with Cal Kestis in a screenshot from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the new action-adventure game from Respawn Entertainment, tells a brand new story set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. But like any good story set in a galaxy far, far, away, it’s littered with references to Star Wars lore, past characters, Jedi history and culture, and planets connected to the rest of the universe.

More than anything else in the series, Fallen Order takes inspiration from the Star Wars animated series Clone Wars and Rebels. Thankfully, with the launch of Disney Plus earlier this week, both series are easy to watch. To help you get up to speed on all the things that Jedi: Fallen Order from those two shows, we’ve put together five episodes that inform the references and story beats in the game.

[Ed. note: These episodes touch on themes, lore, and story elements of Fallen Order. If you’d rather avoid spoilers entirely, than check these episodes out after you’ve finished the game instead.]

Darth Vader explains to The Grand Inquisitor that he wants him to hunt Jedi in Star Wars: Rebels Lucasfilm

Star Wars: Rebels, season 1, episode 1 and 2: “Spark of Rebellion”

The episode starts with an explanation of where the Inquisitors, the main villains of Fallen Order, came from and what purpose Darth Vader wants them to serve in the Empire. It also gives us a glimpse at The Grand Inquisitor, and lets us know how exactly how they found recruits to fill out their ranks. Beyond the Inquisitors, the episode also shows what has happened to the Wookiees since the Empire took over.

Saw Gerrera looks down as Jedi enter his rebel camp in Star Wars: The Clone Wars
A young Saw Gerrera during The Clone Wars
Image: Lucasfilm

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, season 5, episode 2: “A War on Two Fronts”

This episode takes place on Onderon, a planet under separatist control. Obi-Wan and Anakin visit the planet to arm and train the planet’s resistance movement. The leader of this movement just so happens to be an old friend, Saw Gerrera. Gerrera has shown up in Rogue One, Clone Wars, Rebels, and is back again for Jedi: Fallen Orderas we saw in the preview at E3. Before you see Saw in action in Fallen Order, learn about the training that kept him alive all the way up through Rogue One.

Three Nightbrothers look over a rooftop as two Jedi walk into their village in Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Nightbrothers preparing an ambush

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, season 3, episode 14: “Witches of the Mist”

In a preview event for Jedi: Fallen Order, Respawn showed off the planet of Dathomir, the birth place of Darth Maul. While the planet may not show up in any of the major films, it does have a long history in Clone Wars. This episode is the planet’s first appearance and the society on the surface. We get an introduction to the male Nightbrothers, as well as the planet’s female witches, the Nightsisters, who both play important roles in Fallen Order.

Star Wars’ Quinlan Vos hold a cup once used by Ziro the Hutt.
Vos uses his Psychometry to help find Ziro

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, season 3, episode 9: “Hunt for Ziro”

Quinlan Vos is reckless, over-confident, and the best tracker the Jedi have. In this episode of the Clone Wars, the Jedi Council sends Vos and Obi-Wan to track down Ziro the Hutt, who’s been kidnapped by a bounty hunter. The reason behind Vos’ incredible tracking skills is his ability to use Psychometry, also called Sense Echo. This is a highly advanced and extremely rare Force technique that allows the user to touch objects and see echoes of its past. While we only know of a couple of Jedi who have this power, Cal Kestis is one of them, and it’s an important part of Fallen Order.

Yoda and several younglings stand around a circle with lightsabers
Yoda training younglings

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, season 5, episode 6: “The Gathering”

This episode is all about lightsaber construction, and the Jedi lore behind it. In “The Gathering,” a group of younglings collect Kyber crystals for the first time on the snowy planet of Ilum. Of all the things that Jedi do, building their lightsabers is one of the most mystical and sacred. It involves visions and self-reckoning, something that Cal faces frequently throughout his journey in Jedi: Fallen Order. On top of that, the game is filled with lightsaber lore, and at least a passing understanding of it will help you get the most out of the story.

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