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At least try the game on story mode, you feel like a killing machine

A simple way to show how you’re going to play

Cal Kestis looks up, his droid BD-1 on his back Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

One of the challenges of difficulty options — if you’ll forgive the pun — is that you’re asked to make your initial choice before you even begin the game, when you have the least amount of information about the experience.

But Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gets around that not just by letting you adjust the difficulty at any point, but by showing you exactly what each of the difficulty options does. And it seems like each option only adjusts three aspects of the experience.

You can look at each of the options in the gallery below, but each one is immediately easy to understand.

Adjusting the difficulty changes the amount of time you have to parry attacks — so the harder you set it, the more precise you have to be with your button presses to successfully block — the amount of damage you’ll take when you get it, and how aggressively enemies will come after you. That’s it.

Which makes sense, since failure in Fallen Order will almost always come from combat, and not from the exploration portion of the game that makes up the majority of your play time. If you don’t nail a jump, you can just go back and take another shot at it. Falling off a ravine to your death resets the game back to your original position.

Combat is where you’ll most often die in a manner that sends you back to your last saved game, forcing you to find the enemy who killed you in order to reclaim any unspent character points or built-up XP. If you don’t want to go through that, and just want to focus on exploring your environment and enjoying the story, turning the difficulty down will turn you into an absolute killing machine.

In fact, Fallen Order almost plays like two different games depending on the difficulty level. You need to be mindful of combat on the harder modes, and spend time learning how to block precisely while mixing up your moves and tracking your stamina and Force abilities if you hope to survive. The game isn’t shy about throwing powerful enemies your way, and there are several significantly difficult duels sprinkled throughout the game. Even a modest number of stormtroopers may be able to overcome you.

But playing on the easiest difficulty level doesn’t make the game easy in general, since solving the puzzles and getting to where you need to go can still be a challenge. It just means you’ll be able to breeze through the enemies you face along the way, which makes the game feel less combat intensive and more cerebral in general. You can slice your way through the adversaries you face, sure, but you’ll still need to think through how to get to where you need to go.

And since the decision isn’t binding, you can go back and forth at any time, and doing so is highly recommended. The difficulty options are yet another area in which Fallen Order excels.

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