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Path of Exile is coming to mobile without the ‘bullshit trends,’ studio says

Grinding Gear Games put Path of Exile on a phone

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

The original Path of Exile is coming to mobile devices, developer Grinding Gear Games announced on Friday, but without the “bullshit trends” and “evil garbage” present in modern mobile games.

At Exilecon, Grinding Gear’s fan gathering, the studio revealed “an experimental version of Path of Exile for mobile devices” that the studio says is perfect for bite-sized action gameplay. “This is a complete Path of Exile game experience with no pay-to-win elements and is being developed in-house,” Grinding Gear Games said.

The developer kicked off its announcement video with a blunt assessment of mobile ports of games, with studio co-founder Jonathan Rogers saying, “So, mobile games are kinda bullshit right? Pay-to-win microtransactions, time gates, energy bars, random nag screens, notifications, video ads. There’s really a lot of evil garbage going in mobile games today, but in 2012 when we first released Path of Exile on PC, you really could’ve said the same thing about a lot of free-to-play games there too.”

“Our goal is to bring Path of Exile to mobile with absolutely zero compromise,” said producer Trevor Gamon, who is credited cheekily in the above video as “mobile fall guy” in an apparent effort to be the lightning rod for Path of Exile’s mobile announcement.

In what is likely a reference to some other mobile game adaptations, managing director Chris Wilson notes that “we didn’t just farm it out to an external studio.” Wilson and crew repeatedly stress that the version of Path of Exile for mobile devices is the same game, just tailored for smaller screens and shorter play sessions.

By getting out in front of it with an amusing message about just how “bullshit” the studio thinks mobile games are — and revealing the port after announcing Path of Exile 2 — maybe their audience will give them a chance to prove the mobile port’s worth.

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