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The Tetris Effect soundtrack is finally getting a proper release

Two different editions will be released

A level from Tetris Effect Monstars, Resonair/Enhance Games
Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

Tetris Effect’s beloved soundtrack is coming to vinyl, publisher Enhance Games announced today.

Developed by Enhance Games, Monstars, and Resonair, Tetris Effect was released in November 2018 for PlayStation 4. (It was released on PC earlier this year.) To celebrate the one-year anniversary, the publisher is working with Limited Run Games to release two vinyl versions of the game’s soundtrack — and a reissued physical version for PlayStation 4.

The two-disc release will include 17 tracks from Tetris Effect’s Journey Mode, and includes songs like “Connected (Yours Forever)” and “World of Colors.” This version will cost $34.99 and include a download code for the complete, 40 song soundtrack. Pre-orders begin on Nov. 22 on the Limited Run Games website. The second version is $99.99 — the five-LP Tetris Effect Original Soundtrack: Perfect Collection — will include five vinyl discs, each Tetrimino-colored and all 40 songs.

“This edition features liner notes by the director and composer and is packaged in a special slipcase with foil accents,” according to the news release. Available for preorder on Nov. 22, this edition will also include a download code for the full soundtrack.

As for the physical re-release of the PlayStation 4 game, it’ll cost $39.99 — with a special $29.99 limited-run launch price. (The publisher didn’t say when this will last until.) The reissued game will include “a reversible special-edition cover with gold foil on the front and a revised design exclusive to Limited Run Games.”