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Beefy Borderlands 3 patch adds Mayhem 4 and lots of bank slots

FL4K’s pets, Moze, and Zane all got buffed, too

A character from Borderlands 3 shoots a winged creature from its hand Gearbox Software/2K Games
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Gearbox is adding an extra tough way for people to play Borderlands 3 — Mayhem 4 — plus a bunch more bank slots, something fans will be excited about.

The new way to play, added in a Nov. 21 patch, increases enemy health to make the game a lot tougher. In exchange, players can earn better rewards, like “a new set of Legendaries,” Gearbox said in its Borderlands 3 patch notes. Players can earn new Legendary weapons and class mods that Gearbox said “will contribute to new builds and new ways to kill enemies.”

Mayhem 1-3 remain unchanged, but Mayhem stations are slightly different. “Players will activate Mayhem through the center pillar and increase or decrease Mayhem levels by using the pillars on each side,” Gearbox said. The developer said it’ll monitor Mayhem 4 “closely” ahead of Mayhem 2.0, which “will add brand new gameplay additions to Mayhem Mode in the future.”

Likewise, Borderlands 3 is getting new content in the form of Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, where players will have to “destroy a top-secret weapon Maliwan has been developing at their Blacksite.” It’s a level-50 challenge for four players, and it can be accessed on Sanctuary III after beating the game.

It’s a mode that has “special rules not found in the rest of the game,” like respawn being disabled. “If you do die, you’re not out permanently! Die during the first half, you’ll get to rejoin your team if they defeat the Valkyrie Squad,” Gearbox said. “If you’re out the second half, but your team manages to defeat Wotan The Invincible, you’ll get to respawn to enjoy the rewards you didn’t completely earn!”

Players are probably excited to hear that Borderlands 3’s latest patch increases bank slots — existing Bank SDUs will give a total of 100 spaces, with “an additional 10 Bank SDUs” available in Marcus’ Sanctuary III shop. (Likewise, all characters will start with 20 bank slots instead of 10 now.) If you’re not keeping count, that means a total of 300 bank spaces to keep all your precious stuff.

Lastly, Gearbox adjusted balance for character in the endgame. Here are the notes, straight from the developer:


  • Iron Bear Damage increased per level, to a total of just under 150% at max level
  • Desperate Measures now gives Iron Bear the bonus too
  • Experimental Munitions - Iron Bear also deals bonus fire damage on critical hits
  • Scorching RPM’s also grants increased Hard Point damage by 5% per level
  • Vampyr - When Iron Bear deals area damage, Iron Bear receives half the healing bonus
  • Iron Bear now launches barrels when the player melees them
  • Increased Iron Bear Bubble Shield from 20% to 50% of Moze’s health


  • SNTL damage scale increased by 2% per level
  • Donnybrook, Pocket Full of Grenades, Cool Hand, Violent Violence, and Violent Speed bonuses now stack twice
  • Fixed Violent Momentum to scale more at higher movement speeds
  • Best Served Cold radius and damage increased by 2% per level
  • Confident Confidence increased max weapon damage bonus from 20% to 35%
  • Changed Trick of the Light element to Cryo and increased bonus from 18% to 36%
  • Borrowed Time duration increased from 15% to 30% per active skill
  • Double Barrel’s bonus increased from 20% to 25%
  • Quick Breather now restores 50% of the clone’s health after a swap
  • Pocket Full of Grenades bonus slightly decreased from 6.5% to 5% as it now stacks
  • Violent Violence bonus slightly decreased from 4% to 3% as it now stacks


  • Ambush Predator now has a HUD Icon when the buff is active
  • Increased the pet damage to scale 10/5% per level instead of 9%
  • Added pet damage to Grim Harvest at 7% per level
  • Added pet damage to The Most Dangerous Game at 9% per level
  • Added pet damage to Interplanetary Stalker at 1% per stack, per level
  • Added pet damage to Furious Attack at 0.6% per stack
  • Added pet damage to The Fast and the Furryous at 10% per level
  • Lick the Wounds gained a pet damage buff after reviving the player
  • Increased pet damage for Psycho Head on a Stick from 10% to 20%
  • Increased damage in Pack Tactics from 5% to 7% per level
  • Adjusted Megavore to not reward critical hit bonuses when receiving damage from self-damage

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