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Facebook acquires Beat Saber developer

Beat Saber will remain across all currently supported platforms

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Beat Saber - a still from gameplay depicts a player slashing blocks with their sabers Beat Games

Facebook, the social media company behind the Oculus virtual reality platform, has acquired Beat Saber developer Beat Games. Beat Games will join Oculus Studios and continue to work on Beat Saber across all currently supported platforms.

Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game where the player wields two sabers in a neon arcade environment, slashing colored blocks in time with music. It is considered one of the most accessible and popular virtual reality games, and is available on the PlayStation 4 as well as Windows and the Oculus Quest.

Beat Games will be releasing more updates for Beat Saber with Facebook support, including “social features, new modes, music, and more.”

The current plans for Beat Saber DLC are still intact; 360° Levels mode will be released in December, and more music is coming “this year.” Beat Saber will continue to update across all supported platforms at the same time, and Beat Games will “operate the same way they have to date as an independent studio,” said Mike Verdu, director of content.

As for modding, which is huge in the Beat Saber community for adding new music and challenges, Facebook plans to maintain support — up to a point. Verdu writes, “We understand and appreciate the value that modding brings to Beat Saber when done so legally and within our policies.”

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