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Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday deal adds a $25 gift card

Console is still $199.99 full price

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a hand holding a yellow Nintendo Switch Lite showing Mario Kart 8’s title screen Photo: Michael McWhertor/Polygon
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

GameStop for this weekend only is offering a $25 gift card with the purchase of a Nintendo Switch Lite (at full price, $199.99).

The Switch Lite launched two months ago, so it would be unusual to see a price cut so soon. The next best thing is some store credit to tack on a game, and GameStop has plenty of current titles on offer for less than $25.

The deal is good for any color of the Switch Lite (gray, yellow or turquoise), and that includes the Pokémon Sword and Shield limited edition, too. The deal is available online or in-store — if you choose online, the store credit is emailed to you.

The Nintendo Switch Lite launched Sept. 20, as a handheld-only option for the newest console platform. It can’t output to a television the way a docked standard Switch can, and its controllers are not detachable. Of course, the screen is smaller and it weighs less than an undocked Switch, too, but otherwise the gaming experience is entirely the same.

Our review in September called the Nintendo Switch Lite “a playful, affordable system that is a lot of fun to use and fills a specific niche in your gaming life.”

Update (Nov. 30): Amazon is now matching this deal, throwing in a $25 Amazon credit with a Nintendo Switch Lite purchase.

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