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You gotta see this Breath of the Wild expert utterly destroy a Lynel

He doesn’t know what hit him

Link stands before a Lynel enemy. Nintendo

If you’ve played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for long enough, then you’ve probably learned how to handle a Lynel just fine. Even so, there are levels to how good you can be at the game.

Take this short clip uploaded by @zb_yuhudaddy to Twitter, for instance. It begins with the sort of thing you might expect: a parry, some slo-mo hits, what have you. Then he throws the tri-boomerang to swirl around the Lynel. And then he masterfully dodges while leaving a bomb in the Lynel’s attack route. All the while, the boomerang continues to work its magic.

I kind of feel bad for the Lynel! But perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that zb_yuhudaddy could pull this off. After all, this is the same player who went viral earlier in the year after deflecting multiple guardian attacks at once.

It seems that zb_yuhudaddy has made a hobby out of humiliating Lynels in particular, though. In a different clip, the Breath of the Wild savant shield surfs, quickly drops a fire, and launches into the air before raining arrows on the Lynel.

Really, I can’t help but admire the usage of the shield. You get the impression that zb_yuhudaddy doesn’t need to use it, other than to show off. It’s almost like the player is just kick-flipping all over the place while the Lynel is still trying to figure out what’s even happening.

And one more clip of dominance for good measure:

God, I love this game.

The next level of puzzles.

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