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The wonderful Holedown is coming to Nintendo Switch

The charming mobile brick-breaker is making the jump from mobile

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Indie mobile game Holedown, the highly addictive and very cute planetary digging game, is coming to Nintendo Switch, developer Grapefrukt Games announced today. The Switch version will come with an exclusive new feature: two-player local cooperative play.

If you’ve never played Holedown, the Android and iOS game has you shoot happy little smiling balls at blocks in an attempt to burrow deeper and deeper into a planet’s core. Holedown is relatively simple — simply drag and aim your machine-gun fire of cheerful ball friends at strategic angles and watch the bouncy destruction unfold — but strangely compelling as you aim for higher scores and deeper depths. There’s a bit of a progression system, but the fun lies in maximizing your score once you reach the planet that allows for endless play. It’s quite good (and was nominated for a Game Developers Choice Award this year).

The two-player version will let each player control their own little worm buddy, doubling up on the block-smashing with color-coded balls.

Holedown will be released Nov. 13 through the Nintendo Switch eShop. The console version will cost $9.99. The Android and iOS versions cost $3.99.

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