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Fire Emblem: Three Houses adds sauna and maid costumes

Just what the doctor ordered

A Fire Emblem protagonist sits in a sauna. Nintendo

You know what would go really well with a long, grueling story about war and trauma? New outfits and ways to blow off steam, clearly.

The latest wave of DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses has hit today, and the patch brings with it a bevy of new content. There are new threads for all students, including the obligatory maid and butler costumes that will make cutscenes hilarious. (Maids and butlers are now a type of recruitable battalion, too.) There’s now a sauna mechanic as well, which allows you to soak in the heat with your classmates.

Fire Emblem protagonist wears a suit. Nintendo

And, fan favorite Anna the Merchant is back as a recruitable character now, along with the moody Jeritza (but only on the Black Eagles route.) Anna doesn’t have any support conversations, unfortunately, but she does come with a paralogue story mission.

Perhaps the most important addition in wave 3 is the ability to spend time with the many animals roaming around the monastery. You can now interact with the dogs and cats by giving them gifts. Yay!

You can read the full patch notes here.

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